A. I. Joe

Four automatons stood still in wonder. At the base of the ravine was Runt, the fifth automaton, lying senseless. Quart looked to Alpha for answers, but he seemed preoccupied, eyes blinking rapidly. Beta seemed just as baffled. Tres shook his head slowly, from side to side, so Quart nodded in understanding. Of all five parts of A.I. Joe, Alpha was the strongest and biggest, at 6ft 10in. Followed by Beta. Runt was the smallest of them all, but his work ethic was flawless, being as smart as all five, and just as strong as Beta.

Since the day A.I. Joe had been assembled and released from the factory, the five of them had worked seamlessly on all the engineering problems of the Dome Complex, of which they were supervisor. A.I. Joe had been built on the Russian Doll model, so that on powering up every morning, he was able to disassemble his metallic upper cavity, and legs, to release the other four, in order that they went about their work. They did this separately, but with wireless mental linkage. Although they each had names, they were collectively Automaton Ieremahel Joe, in honour of the man that had designed and built them. Runt had fallen, after slipping on an oil spillage. The fact that he still remained unmoving meant that their collective coding instructions was interrupted.

Alpha managed to send an error report to the office, before making his way down to where Runt lay. The others followed in sequence. Together, they sat side by side. Then they powered down to wait for repairs.

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